Automatic Payment Machines

Special Automatic Toll Payment Machines operate at all stations. This is a new payment method, first implemented by Nea Odos in our country. Users follow a very simple and quick procedure. By choosing the lane with the relevant signage and depositing the toll fee in a special basket, the signal light turns green and the boom gate opens!

Τhe toll fee amount is displayed for users, visible either on a special screen on the machine or on the electronic billboard next to the toll lane boom gate.

When a user pays the toll fee, the machine issues the relevant receipt. In a case of non-acceptable coins, these are returned at a special slot marked ‘Non Acceptable Coins’.

For any problem or question during the transaction, a representative of our company is available to each user 24 hours a day; specifically, by pressing the special button labeled ‘Help’ fitted on all the machines, the user is automatically connected to our representative and served immediately.

Automatic Payment Machines are located at Nea Odos (A.Th.E. section and Ionia Odos) frontal and lateral toll stations. All Automatic Payment Machines accept bank notes (5€, 10€ and 20€) and coins (0,05€, 0,10€, 0,20€, 0,50€, 1€ and 2€) or a combination of both and give back change at the specified slots.

Automatic Payment Machines do not accept coins of one (1) and two (2) cents.