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Corporate culture

Our priority at Nea Odos is to create an excellent professional environment with an emphasis on the safety of our employees, their continuous growth, and the utilisation of their talents.

Our main value is that our people are the driving force and the most important determining factor in the success of our company.

At Nea Odos we use a performance evaluation system that ensures just treatment and has honest communication as its main principle, to reward hard work, identify talents, cultivate skills, and support our people’s growth. Our expectations from our current and future partners are analysed in detail in our Values. Efficiency and effectiveness, accountability, integrity, dedication, continuously striving to grow, teamwork, and effective communication are key characteristics.

The methods and the management and development systems of Nea Odos’ human resource development guide us in selecting suitable partners, and we support their further personal and professional growth through training and other programmes.

Our company handles candidate personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Policy.