The harmonious integration of the motorways under our responsibility with the natural environment and the continuous effort to protect and promote each region’s wealth, guided by the environmental and social goals of sustainable development, as they have been formulated at an international level, constitute Nea Odos’ permanent commitments.

In this context, and recognizing our impact on the natural environment, we implement effective Environmental Management throughout all of our activities in order to reduce our environmental impact, but also to strictly adhere to the environmental legislation applicable to the projects we are responsible for.

Therefore we have designed and are implementing a comprehensive Environmental Management System – EMS (part of the Company’s Integrated Management System) which is certified according to the international standard ISO 14001:2015.

Within the framework of the EMS and through the integrated Quality, H&S and Environment Policy, the Company commits to and implements programs for the continuous environmental education and strengthening of the environmental awareness of its employees and partners, sets annual measurable goals and works continuously towards their achievement, implements regular inspections to monitor the environmental status of the project so as to implement the necessary corrective and preventive actions where required.

At Nea Odos we make decisions having as main goal the environmental protection, we are constantly looking for and implementing new ways to manage our resources and materials more efficiently, as well as to minimize our environmental impact, through smart ways of reducing waste and manage it properly.

Finally, recognizing the ever-increasing effects of climate change, we invest in environmental protection projects, more efficient consumption of energy resources and the use of renewable sources, and we systematically monitor the environmental conditions and effects of our project on the water, atmosphere, soil, flora and fauna, so that we take the corresponding measures for their protection.

Maintaining the environmental culture in all our activities and protecting the environment is the highest priority and responsibility of Nea Odos, its employees and partners.