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Construction & financing


In late 2006, following an international tender, Nea Odos undertook the design, planning, construction, operation, exploitation, and maintenance of the ‘Ionia Odos’ Concession project.
The project budget exceeds 1.1 billion Euros and the full description of the financing model is included in the Concession Agreement (C.A.).
Essentially, the project’s financing comes from a combination of equity, bank loans, European & Greek State funds, and the contribution of the project’s users.

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The construction of Ionia Odos, besides being a long-standing demand for years in order to achieve growth in the broader region of Western Greece, is an enormous challenge, as this is a motorway that is being constructed on a completely new layout design, in an environment with unique geological conditions, rugged terrain, and major geotechnical challenges.

IONIA ODOS, the motorway that connects all of Western Greece, includes:

  • 196 km of a new, modern, high-specification motorway
  • 4 bidirectional tunnels with a total length of 11,2 km
  • 24 bridges with a total length of 7 km
  • 77 underpasses & 24 overpasses
  • 392 culverts of various dimensions and types
  • 5 Motorist Service Stations (MSS)
  • 3 Operation and Maintenance Centres
  • 4 Frontal and 5 Lateral toll Stations

With the aim of the A.Th.E. section and the Schimatari – Chalkida Connecting Branch to be a high-specification safe and modern motorway, Nea Odos has already moved forward with new constructions and upgrade works. These include, but are not limited to:

  • 350 km of new asphalt, single carriageway
  • 340 km of safety fencing
  • 6,4 km of new motorway in the area of Yliki
  • 14 km of widening on both sides of the old National Road in the Ritsona – Thiva section
  • 2600 new signs
  • 21,360 square meters of noise barriers