Traffic Arrangements in the region of Metamorfossi Attikis

Traffic arrangements will take place on A.TH.E motorway and specifically in the region of Metamorfossi Attikis, in order to proceed with road surface maintenance works.

Specifically, from Monday 24 July up until Wednesday 26 July, between 22:00 p.m. and 06:00 a.m. next day, and from the 17th up to the 15th km, traffic flow in the direction to Athens, middle and right lanes will be partially and simultaneously closed.

During the above period, traffic flow will be channelled to the left lane. In the meantime, the middle and right lane will be consequently released, in order for the vehicles to move freely in the direction to Attiki Odos.

At the same time, both (entry and exit) branches of Tatoi I/C, direction to Athens, will be closed. Drivers, moving along the main road axis, will be warned in good time by following the respective signs, in order to exit from the previous junction (Pyrna I/C) and, through the lateral road network and by following the respective signs, will re-enter the road at Tatoi I/C.

Nea Odos has taken all necessary measures for the safety of the drivers, while relevant temporary signs will be installed in the area to provide full information.

Nea Odos wants to thank the drivers for their understanding and also invites them to strictly follow the relevant signs and to show extreme caution.

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