>>Traffic arrangements at Inofyta and Malakassa

Traffic arrangements at Inofyta and Malakassa

Traffic arrangements will take place on Thursday, June 15 and Friday, June 16 on PATHE motorway, specifically at the 44,5thkm, to perform sign gantry removal and installation works.

Specifically, from Thursday, June 15 at 19.00pm to Friday, June 16 at 07.00am, from Inofyta I/C to Malakassa I/C, the following shall apply:

  • Traffic lanes direction to Athens, closed.
  • Left lane, direction to Lamia, closed.
  • Motorway entry, direction to Athens, from Malakassa Motorist Service Station (Sirios MSS), closed.

During this time, all drivers moving direction to Athens will exit the motorway at Inofyta I/C and, following the respective signs, will re-enter the motorway at Malakassa I/C through the lateral road.

It should be noted that vehicles may pass through the Inofyta lateral toll station direction to Athens without paying tolls, throughout the duration of said traffic arrangements.

Finally, vehicle traffic direction to Lamia will not be affected, since middle and right lane will flow normally during this period.

Nea Odos has taken all necessary measures for the safety of the drivers, while relevant temporary signs will be installed in the area to provide full information.

Nea Odos wants to thank the drivers for their understanding and also invites them to strictly follow the relevant signs and to show extreme caution.