>>Road Safety Tips

Road Safety Tips

Nea Odos, with a sense of responsibility towards all road users, has set road safety as a key priority for all its activities. Combining optimal daily maintenance work on motorways with the provision of quality care services, we strive to contribute as much as possible to travel safety for all drivers.

The company’s maintenance staff performs routine and thorough inspections all along motorways and is on the alert to respond to emergencies in case of accident.

Road safety, however, is everyone’s concern and Nea Odos believes that educating and properly informing drivers can play an important role.

In this context, our company implements various activities focusing on road safety and ultimately aspiring to produce conscientious drivers with knowledge and skills, resulting in a reduction of traffic accidents.

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Do not forget! In road safety, the driver plays the leading role! When driving in bad weather, make sure you are calm and alert.

exclamation_mark3Driving and stopping on the Emergency Lane (LEA) is dangerous for you and your vehicle. The LEA should be used only in cases of emergency. Do not forget! Driving illegally on the LEA obstructs the passage of emergency vehicles!