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Road Safety

Nea Odos S.A., with a sense of responsibility towards all drivers and the broader community, has set the promotion of road safety at the core of its philosophy and operation.

Our strategic goal and a requirement of our daily operation, is to minimize accidents and contribute to the safe movement of drivers.

With the goal of optimizing maintenance over our entire infrastructure, our company’s specialized staff carries out regular and thorough inspections throughout the length of motorways and is in a state of full emergency response readiness in cases of accident. Furthermore, during construction works, special attention is given to geometric design, traffic and safety signage studies.

Every day, and to provide a comprehensive range of service to deal with emergency incidents, we offer a set of services to motorway users:

  • A 4-digit emergency telephone number (1075) that drivers can call either from their cell phone or from the emergency phones placed along the motorway
    According to the decision of the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commision (EETT) No. 966/2 – Government Gazette 5266/B/30-11-2020,we inform all drivers that a call to 1075 is subject to the tariff policy applied by each telco provider. For your information, you may visit the website of your provider or/and the relevant observatory by EETT at:
  • 24 hour Patrol & Intervention units that continuouslymonitor the entire length of motorway. In cooperation with the Traffic Management Centres, the 4-digit emergency telephone number and the competent State services, the Nea Odos patrol units assist each driver.
  • Motorway Traffic Management Centres and Tunnel Traffic Management Centres equipped with cutting-edge control systems which ensure safe circulation and address all incidents in a timely and effective manner.
  • Emergency phones located along the motorway where drivers can contact directly at no cost the Traffic Management Centres.
  • Free road assistance to immobilized vehicles, thus ensuring the removal of the immobilized vehicles from the motorway and their transport to a safe place.

Apart from our diverse activities within a context of infrastructure and further specialization of our staff, at Nea Odos, we believe that educating drivers, together with providing correct and complete information, is the most critical factor for accident prevention. Within this context, our company implements specific actions with a focus on road safety and an ultimate aim of cultivating good driving habits. These actions include regular distribution of information leaflets to passing drivers, providing general driving safety tips and reports on specific issues, such as driving in a tunnel, or on wet, snow-covered roads.

Nea Odos’ commitment to the higher Road Traffic Safety standards is described clearly and in detail in itsRoad Traffic Safety Policy.

Finally, Nea Odos is currently implementing a Road Traffic Safety Management System for the Highway’s Operation and Fleet Management, which is certified according to ISO 39001:2012 standard.