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Policy Cookies

In our company we use technologies that help us improve your browsing experience on our website by collecting relevant information through cookies. Our goal is to provide you the right information, as well as the best navigation experience on our website. In essence, the cookies we use help us understand what information is most useful to our guests while ensuring the proper operation of all the services offered through our website.

What are the cookies?

Cookies are small information files stored in your browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) on your computer, tablet, mobile phone, in any device you use to browse our website. A typical example of such information is your preferences as stated by you during your navigation on our site (eg language selection, searches, etc.).

What about my personal data?

The information collected by cookies does not identify you personally. They include general information about your device settings, your internet connection, e.g. operating system and platform, IP address, browsing habits and browsing time on the Internet, etc. Cookies are stored exclusively on your own device and our company does not maintain any file or database with your personal data. In addition, you can, at any time, disable cookies in your browser by following the instructions provided in the browser Help files you have chosen to use.

Which cookies are we using?

The cookies we use are the following:

Necessary Cookies: They contribute to the basic functions of the site, such as navigation and accessing different pages. The Necessary Cookies are as their name states, necessary for the site to work.
Functionality Cookies: Used for the proper and smooth operation of the site and allow the site to “remember” your selections. These cookies do not collect information that could be used for marketing purposes or for memorizing the websites you have visited.
Statistics Cookies: Used to improve your navigation on our site and enable us to understand if you have a problem and if we need to improve our design and functionality. At the same time, they are also used to generate reports about the performance of our site. They do not collect information that could identify your identity.
How can you manage cookies?

You may, at any time, choose to disable cookies in your browser by following the instructions provided in the Help files of the program you have chosen to use. For more information on how to delete and control cookies stored on your computer, see