>>No increase for Oropos permanent residents at Afidnes toll station

No increase for Oropos permanent residents at Afidnes toll station

Nea Odos, in agreement with what was announced to the Mayor and the Municipal Council on Friday, February 7th, and with the goal to provide a special care to Oropos municipality, hereby confirms the following:

Exclusively for Oropos permanent residents and via the special program Fast Pass Oropos, all category 2 vehicles for all the permanent residents of Oropos, will pay at Afidnes toll station 2,10 EUR / pass from the first pass, thus maintaining the toll fee at the level prior to the increase.

The subscription of the permanent residents in Fast Pass Oropos program will be implemented through the Citizens Service Centers of Oropos Municipalities, by Nea Odos employees who will be present in order to serve them.

The documents required to be submitted by the Oropos permanent residents are:

  • An application form to subscribe to the Fast Pass Oropos discount program. This application is available in the company’s web site and will also be available at the registration points.
  • A statutory declaration of law 1599/1986 stating that the address declared in the application is the same as the one declared as permanent to the tax clearance certificate.
  • A copy of the tax clearance certificate of the previous year, which will demonstrate that the main residence of the applicant is within Oropos Municipality.
  • Car license of the permanent resident of Oropos.
  • Certificate of Oropos Municipality that the applicant is a permanent resident of the Municipality.

Following the submission of the above documents the permanent residents will receive at their home address by courier (without any cost) the electronic transceiver Fast Pass and become subscribers of Fast Pass Oropos.

The date of commencement of the submission process is Thursday the 13th of February, whereas the effective date for the program Fast Pass Oropos is Wednesday 19th of February.