What services are offered to drivers?
  • 24 hour Patrol & Intervention units that monitor continuously the entire length of motorway.
  • Free roadside assistance to immobilized vehicles: a service that not only helps drivers facing a mechanical problem but all passing vehicles, as it ensures the removal of the immobilized vehicle from the motorway and its transport to a safe place. Thus, availability of the entire motorway as well as the Emergency Lane is always ensured.
  • Traffic Management Centres equipped with cutting-edge control systems which, in cooperation with the security patrols, the operation centre and the Traffic Police, ensure uninterrupted traffic flow and use of the motorway.
  • Tunnel Traffic Management Centres
  • A 4-digit emergency telephone number (1075) that drivers can call for emergency situations.
    According to the decision of the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commision (EETT) No. 966/2 – Government Gazette 5266/B/30-11-2020,we inform all drivers that a call to 1075 is subject to the tariff policy applied by each telco provider. For your information, you may visit the website of your provider or/and the relevant  observatory by EETT at: https://www.eett.gr/opencms/opencms/EETT/EETT/ESPA/espa_paratiritirio/index.html
  • Customer Care Call Centers at +30-22950-26900 and +30 2641 306 306 , which operate from Monday to Saturday, 08:00 - 20:00 and Sunday, 10:00 - 18:00 . Users can also contact us via email: customercare@neaodos.gr
  • Motorist Service Stations (MSS) , where drivers can refuel their car 24/7 and also enjoy catering services. Several Motorist Service Stations offer additional services during business days and hours.
How much will this project cost and who finances it?

The total project budget is approximately EUR 1,118 billion and is financed by a combination of bank loans, toll revenues, private investments of Nea Odos’ Shareholders, and the financial contribution of the Greek State and the European Union.

What are the benefits of the project?

Upon completion of the construction works, two contemporary and safe motorways of international standards are available to Greek drivers, promoting road safety, harmonious integration into the environment and continuous efforts to protect and focus on the wealth of each region. The benefits offered are the following:

Safety improvement and risk elimination:

Various measures are taken in order to provide the maximum possible safety during travelling. In both cases, safety barriers are placed along the works in order to reduce the possibility of frontal collision. The road axes are monitored using high-performing dedicated systems while company patrols review the condition of the motorways on a daily basis. The scheduled as well as the extraordinary maintenance works ensure the high quality of all infrastructure works.

Minimize the required travel time:

Upon completion of the works, the average travel time is significantly reduced. For example, the route from Athens to Raches is reduced by more than 45 minutes while the route from Antirio to Ioanina by more than (1) one hour.

High-Standard Customer Services:

Apart from the Motorist Service Stations, the placement of emergency phones along the motorways and the development of safe temporary parking lots, drivers can seek assistance from the standby emergency teams, the Customer Care Centers and the state-of-the-art Traffic Management Centers.

Enhanced environmental protection:

During the construction period, the company submits environmental management reports every six months, which certify compliance with the Approved Environmental Terms of the concession agreement. An Environmental Monitoring and Control Program, which includes onsite monitoring of the environmental terms as well as a Contingency Plan along with the necessary measures to immediately address accidental pollution in the Project’s sensitive areas, has been drawn up and is currently being implemented. The protection of flora and fauna, the development of flood protection works, the construction of special passages for wildlife, the restoration of vegetation, the implementation of important anti-noise measures by installing noise barriers, the creation of acoustic zones and embankments with special plantings, the continuous monitoring of air pollutants, vibration, noise, traffic and many other measures are factors that ensure seamless integration of the roads into the environment.

Enhanced growth prospects and employment opportunities:

Reliable, safe and faster transportation conditions significantly boost the local trade by positively affecting the activity of both businesses and residents. Moreover, both during the construction and the concession period, the employment rate is significantly increased as the requirements for human resources are met by the local residents.

Who are we?

Nea Odos is the Concession Company which has undertaken the study, design, construction, operation, exploitation and maintenance of “Ionia Odos” Concession Project. Nea Odos, is a subsidiary company of the GEK TERNA group of companies and combines know-how , experience and expertise along with comprehensive knowledge of the Greek reality.

Why do I have to pay toll rates?

Drivers are asked to pay toll rates in order to keep unchanged the quality characteristics of the contemporary motorways, and also to help optimize the services offered. Paying toll rates is one of the most effective methods for financing the construction and maintenance, as well as for improving our cutting-edge motorways.

The Greek State has decided that the project will adopt the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model through a 30-year concession agreement. This means that a part of the cost related to construction, improvement, and daily maintenance of this contemporary motorway, is directly funded by its users who pay the toll rates and not by every individual Greek taxpayer.

Therefore, users who are able to enjoy the services of a modern motorway which offers comfortable trips, increased road safety, reduced travel time and high quality services, are the ones who will financially contribute to its construction and maintenance, depending on the frequency of the usage. This is an internationally recognised model and is characterized as the most socially fair and economically viable plan.

Who determines the toll rates and their increases?

The toll rates and their changes are described in detail in the Concession Agreement, which was ratified by the Greek Parliament and which constitutes a State Law.

The toll rates are not determined only by the Concessionaire.

What is the structure and organization chart of the concession project?

In a concession project, the company, i.e. the Concessionaire has overall responsibility for the below:

  • Design – Construction
  • Financing
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Exploitation

The Constructor performs almost all Design-Construction works as described in the Design-Construction Agreement signed between the latter and the Concessionaire.

The Independent Engineer is responsible for checking the designs and the Operation and Maintenance Manuals as well as for ensuring the implementation of the works in accordance with the Constructor’s Quality System. Furthermore, it is responsible for approving the payments to the Constructor while it issues all Work Completion Certificates. Independent Engineer’s responsibilities are described in more detail in the Concession Agreement and the Independent Engineer Agreement.

Banks undertake a part of the project financing.

The organization chart of the Concession Project is here.

I had an accident - what should I do?

Call immediately 1075 - the four - digit emergency telephone number of Nea Odos and a company’s patrol will come ASAP. If you are close to an Emergency Telephone located along the motorway, you can contact directly at no cost the Traffic Management Centre.

According to the decision of the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commision (EETT) No. 966/2 – Government Gazette 5266/B/30-11-2020,we inform all drivers that a call to 1075 is subject to the tariff policy applied by each telco provider. For your information, you may visit the website of your provider or/and the relevant  observatory by EETT at: https://www.eett.gr/opencms/opencms/EETT/EETT/ESPA/espa_paratiritirio/index.html

Which factors determine the amount of the toll rates payable?

The height of the vehicle and the number of axes are the basic factors that determine the amount of the toll rates. Please find here available the toll rates per vehicle category.

What are the available payment methods for drivers?

Besides cash and credit/debit card at the toll collectors, Nea Odos has recently launched a new and fast payment method. For the first time in Greece, drivers can pay using the Automatic Payment Machines which offer a convenient and easy way to pay the toll rates. The Automatic Payment Machines accept bank notes and coins and allow drivers to continue their trip without delay!

What does Ionia Odos Concession Project include?

Ionia Odos concession project, with a total length of 380 km, is divided into three main sections and includes:

a) “Ionia Odos” motorway of an approximate length of 196 km. from the end of “ Trikoupis” bridge in Antirrio to Egnatia Odos near Ioannina (Egnatia Odos I/C).
Ionia Odos constitutes a connecting branch between Antirrio Bridge and Egnatia Odos I/C in Ioannina. This road is of paramount importance - social and development one - since, connecting all Western Greece significantly upgrading urban and rural centers such as Ioannina, Arta and Agrinio.
This is a project that filled a many year demand and reinvigorate all counties of the broader region.

b) A.TH.E. motorway of an approximate length of 172,5 km from Metamorphossi I/C (area of Attiki Odos) to Skarfia - after Kamena Vourla.
In this section most of the necessary interventions have been performed thus upgrading it to a modern, safe motorway

c) and A.TH.E. connecting branch Schimatari - Chalkida of a total length of 11 km.