Nea Odos is the Concession Company which has undertaken the study, design, construction, operation, exploitation and maintenance of the “Ionia Odos” Concession Project. This long-term project, with a total length of 380 km, includes the following main sections:

A) “Ionia Odos” motorway of an approximate length of 196 km. from Antirio to Ioanina (Egnatia Odos I/C). This motorway is of paramount importance, both at a social and a developmental level, since:

  • Ιt connects Western Greece upgrading urban and rural centers such as Ioanina, Arta and Agrinio.
  • It adequately serves and connects the ports of Patra, Astakos, and Igoumenitsa.
  • It contributes to the wider development of the area by improving the access to major tourist and archaeological sites since, upon completing its construction, the trip from Antirio to Ioanina takes 1 hour and 40 minutes instead of 3 hours and 30 minutes.

This is a project that crosses two regions and four counties, thus meeting a long-existing demand and giving a new impetus for growth. Technical features of the project include among others: 24 bridges of a total length of 7 km., 4 tunnels of a total length of 11,2 km., 77 underpasses and 24 overpasses.

B) A.TH.E. motorway of an approximate length of 172,5 km from Metamorfossi I/C (area of Attiki Odos) to Skarfia, Prefecture of Fthiotida, after Kamena Vourla.

Important changes are scheduled and implemented in order for the A.TH.E. motorway to become a modern and safe motorway. Our goal is to turn those 172,5 km from Metamorfossi to Skarfia into a model of reference for both Greek and international standards. Works already in progress, include road widening works, guardrail replacement, interchange reconstruction, upgrading of existing parking spaces and creation of new ones, upgrading of horizontal and vertical signage, etc.

A.TH.E. section crosses two regions and three counties and its technical features include among others: 8 bridges, 30 ICs and semi-I/Cs and 84 under & overpasses.

C) A.TH.E. connecting branch Schimatari – Chalkida of a total length of 11 km.

The organizational structure of the concession project is the following: