Nea Odos’s construction works aside from a long-standing demand for the development of the broader region of Western Greece, constitutes a major challenge since it is an entirely new-typeof motorway in an environment with particular geological conditions, rugged terrain and major geotechnical challenges.

IONIA ODOS, the motorway connecting the entire Western Greece, includes:

  • 196 km of a new, modern and high-standards motorway
  • 4 bidirectional tunnels of a total length of 11,2 km
  • 24 bridges of a total length of 7 km
  • 77 underpasses and 24 overpasses
  • 392 culverts of various dimensions and types
  • 5 Motorist Service Stations (MSS)
  • 3 Operation and Maintenance Centers
  • 4 Frontal and 5 Lateral Toll Stations

In order for the A.TH.E. section and the Connecting Branch of Schimatari – Chalkida to be a safe and modern motorway, of high standards, Nea Odos has already proceeded to the following new constructions and upgrade works:

  • 350 km, single carriageway, of new asphalt
  • 340 km of safety fencing
  • 6,4 km of new motorway in the area of Yliki
  • 14 km of two-way widening of the old National Road in Ritsona – Thiva section
  • 2600 new signs
  • 21.360 square meters of noise barriers

You can find detailed information on the construction works progress and complete overview of the projects, in the video gallery page.