Upon completion of the construction works, two contemporary and safe motorways of international standards are available to Greek drivers, promoting road safety, harmonious integration into the environment and continuous efforts to protect and focus on the wealth of each region. The benefits offered are the following:

Safety improvement and risk elimination:

Various measures are taken in order to provide the maximum possible safety during travelling. In both cases, safety barriers are placed along the works in order to reduce the possibility of frontal collision. The road axes are monitored using high-performing dedicated systems while company patrols review the condition of the motorways on a daily basis. The scheduled as well as the extraordinary maintenance works ensure the high quality of all infrastructure works.

Minimize the required travel time:

Upon completion of the works, the average travel time is significantly reduced. For example, the route from Athens to Raches is reduced by more than 45 minutes while the route from Antirio to Ioanina by more than (1) one hour.

High-Standard Customer Services:

Apart from the Motorist Service Stations, the placement of emergency phones along the motorways and the development of safe temporary parking lots, drivers can seek assistance from thestandby emergency teams, the Customer Care Centers and the state-of-the-art Traffic Management Centers.

Enhanced environmental protection:

During the construction period, the company submits environmental management reports every six months, which certify compliance with the Approved Environmental Terms of the concession agreement. An Environmental Monitoring and Control Program, which includes onsite monitoring of the environmental terms as well as a Contingency Plan along with the necessary measures to immediately address accidental pollution in the Project’s sensitive areas, has been drawn up and is currently being implemented. The protection of flora and fauna, the development of flood protection works, the construction of special passages for wildlife, the restoration of vegetation, the implementation of important anti-noise measures by installing noise barriers, the creation of acoustic zones and embankments with special plantings, the continuous monitoring of air pollutants, vibration, noise, traffic and many other measures are factors that ensure seamless integration of the roads into the environment.

Enhanced growth prospects and employment opportunities:

Reliable, safe and faster transportation conditions significantly boost the local trade by positively affecting the activity of both businesses and residents. Moreover, both during the construction and the concession period, the employment rate is significantly increased as the requirements for human resources are met by the local residents.